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Lewis and Bonnie decided to celebrate their recent engagement by taking a 3 month break from their everyday lives to experience life on the road in South America.

Lewis is an adventure seeker who has long desired to take a trek through the wild landscapes of South America. Lewis has held quite a wide variety of jobs in his 32 years from professional engineer/project manager in California, to carpenter in the French Alps and back-country ski guide at a Dude Ranch in Colorado. Lewis hopes to jump back into his career building stuff when he gets home.

Bonnie is an elementary school teacher with a special place in her heart for the students that she has taught and inspired during the last 5 years. Bonnie was initially a bit hesitant about taking a 6-month break from her classroom, but her enthusiasm about practicing her Spanish with native-speakers around South America has made her realize what a great opportunity this will be meet some truly fascinating people and come home even more engaged and inspired to teach. She is also looking forward to seeing the amazing natural beauty and plethora of phenomenal sights in the southern hemisphere. Bonnie played volleyball in college and afterward in Austria, so she’s looking forward to challenging the kings of the court on the beaches of Brazil and Argentina. Bonnie’s Spanish skills got a jump-start when she lived with an amazing family in Sevilla, Spain and once she returns home, she’ll speak like a native. She might even look into teaching High School Spanish.


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