Cusco San Pedro Market

The San Pedro Market is a huge marketplace in Cusco where you can buy anything, fruits and veggies, meat, flowers, clothes, appliances….you name it and you can probably buy it here. Some of the wares for sale make sense, while some items had an unknown purpose to us. Case in point are the pile of embalmed donkey heads that one guy was selling. Gross out warning, there are pictures of a pile of donkey heads at the bottom of this post, I don’t recommend scrolling down if this sounds disturbing to you.


The juice stands was our favorite part of the market, rows of juice ladies waiting to blend you a fresh juice blends for only about a dollar. This lady made us a killer mango combination.

DSC_0193 DSC_0192

A little bit of everything for you pantry was available here:


Fresh cut flowers for sale:

DSC_0185 DSC_0184

Purple corn looks cool, and it also is used to make a delicious sweet beverage called chicha that is the lemonade of Peru. There is also a fermented alcoholic chicha that was popular in Incan times during parties, though the stuff seems vile and we haven’t tried it.


You can also find a stand to cook you a nice meal within the market.


Ok…I warned you…following picture is of the donkey heads that I have no clue the purpose of.


Also, there were many butchers with all kinds of meat for sale.



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