Torres del Paine – Day 1

After many days of waiting, we finally embarked on our trek into Torres del Paine.  We started at the southern end of the range and hiked in what is called the tail to start our trek on the circuit around the mountain range.  The views of the range were remarkable and we were fortunate to have some gorgeous cloud formations over the peaks.  The cloud over the Cuernos (the iconic peaks shaped like horns to the right with the granite and metamorphic rock layers) reminded us of a fluffy cupcake.  On the left side of the range is the peak Paine Grande, the highest of the mountains in Torres del Paine, and you can see in the photos how the clouds powerfully rolled over that mountain, bringing with them all sorts of weather.  The rapidly changing and fickle weather is something that Torres del Paine is known for.  It was so windy the first day, it was hard to know where each step would land an the skinny trail, since you either got blown to the right or leaned into the wind and stepped too far left if the wind temporarily abated. It was an intetesting first experience of the famous Patagonian winds, which fortunately stayed at bay for the rest of the trip.

If you want to see all the photos, you can click here:

Here are some of our best photos from the first day hiking in…


These are the famous Cuernos (horned) mountains…





Lewis walking towards Paine Grande surrounded by Patagonian ibis (long beaked birds with slightly yellow heads)…





Our first campsite at Las Carretas on a very windy night!!



Sunset over the Cuernos…



If you want to see all the photos, you can click here:


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