Hike to FitzRoy

The last two days we’ve been hiking around the northern half of the Los Glaciares National Park, in the FitzRoy Range. The granite spires in this part of the Andes are renowned for their dramatic beauty. We were not disappointed. We hiked 2 back-to-back 12 miles treks and took in the best of the scenery during our 3 days in El Chalten. It was amazing.

Here is a picture of us from our hike to FitzRoy today:


The internet has been very slow at this hotel, so I’ll try to add more photos to our Google+ photo when we get a better connection and some free time.

For now you can click the link at the top of the blog labeled “Our Photos” to see the photos I’ve managed to upload so far. I have put some up from our hikes here around El Chalten, but will be organizing them and adding more variety in the future.

We can’t believe we’ve only been in South America for 1 week, we are already feeling like we’ve been here for longer, probably because we’ve already seen so many spectacular things. It is going to be an amazing 6 months.

We are absolutely exhausted from our recent treks, and we have a big drive into Puerto Natales, Chile tomorrow so we are going to have to add more later.

This little village, El Chalten, was only built in the last 20 years and serves mainly as a hub for trekkers, it is ideally situated to serve as starting point for many hikes, but otherwise there isn’t much happening here since it is quite isolated.

My parents have another 4 days with us so we’ll be exploring Tierra del Fuego with them, including a visit to a penguin colony!


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