John Muir Trail

1000 Island Lake

Hiking the John Muir Trail has been a dream of mine since my youth, and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to finally make the pilgrimage through the hallowed peaks of the Sierra Nevada, John Muir’s “Range of Light”.

It wasn’t always easy, actually it was quite grueling to climb over 12,000’+ mountain passes with a 50 lbs backpack, yet the scenery was as wild and beautiful as I’ve ever seen. I took my fly-fishing rod and was able to catch 30+ trout along the trail and I took thousands of beautiful photographs and enjoyed the soul-searching solitude of the trail.

I recommend this 3-4 week hike to anyone who loves the outdoors, you’ll come back exhausted and more full of appreciation for the beauty inherent in this world than you’ll ever feel in your life.

Check out the photos here:


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